Vilnius Whisky Festival


On the 2nd of April 2016, Vilnius made one more step forward and firmly established itself on the map of the world of whisky. Now it stands among the major cities of the world, where there are serious whisky festivals. The Vilnius Whiskey Festival exceeded the original expectations, and the visitors, their self-awareness and culture were pleasantly surprising. In the background of various scandals related to alcohol, the behavior of the residents of Vilnius and the city guests during the festival made an extremely positive impression. It showed that we have a significant market share of consumers who value qualitative rather than quantitative consumption of whisky. We are extremely pleased that the event has succeeded in bringing together the target audience of whisky consumers.


We must admit that we worried about organizing the festival, because we had too many unknowns. This was the first event of this kind in Vilnius and our largest organization until it. But when we started preparation, it turned out that this event became the largest not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States. In “Vilnius Whiskey Festival 2016″ one was able to find almost all brands of whisky distributed in Lithuania at 34 distributor stands. Only a few whisky distributors refused to attend the festival.

In order to demonstrate the versatility of the use of the drink, at the festival, besides the whisky stands, we had different entertainment stands related to whisky. Guests could taste whisky-cheese combinations (Say Cheese), Irish coffee (Strange Love), whisky (Apoteka) cocktails and assess how different types of glasses affect their impressions of the drink (Riedel). In addition, the men of the beauty salon “Barzdaskučiai” at the festival showed their mastery to all those who wished.


At the Vilnius Whiskey Festival 2016, the event was attended by over 500 people. Most of them were Lithuanians, but guests came from Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Russia as well. About 120 of them took part in the masterclasses of Kavalan, Four Roses, Tomatin and Amrut.

We are delighted that the festival has succeeded in reaching a highly targeted audience of consumers who are mature, have purchasing power and are interested in high-class beverages and it’s culture.