Vilnius Whisky Festival 2020 Tickets Are On Sale

You can buy tickets online here: and printed tickets here: “The Whisky Shop & Bar by Duoklė Angelams” Pilies g. 25, Vilnius.

About the tickets.

Standard Ticket: Till 31st of March 2020 – 45 €; from 1st of April 2020 till the festival’s day on 4th of April 2020 – 50€. “Standard ticket” allows spending as much time as a guest wants in the festival’s area, tasting whiskies of the main exhibition and using vouchers that they will get with a catalog.

VIP Ticket: Price is 100€. VIP ticket allows the same things like Standard ticket and additionally it gives a right to enter the VIP hall with more than 60 rare, old and super-premium whiskies. The amount of VIP tickets is limited.

Evening Ticket: Price is 35€. Evening ticket allows the same things like “standard ticket” with a limitation of time. This ticket allows entering the festival from 04:00 PM. The amount of Evening tickets is limited.

There will be no free tickets.

The age limit for admission is 20 years.